Environmental Ethics Worldview

As an environmental stakeholder, I hold the environmental wisdom worldview. I believe that human’s need to adjust their lifestyle in order to meet the growing changes that are occurring in the environment. Yet, humans are not willing to make such changes in order to live in harmony with the earth. The earth and all its inhabitants and organisms hold intrinsic value and their sanctity of these beings should be kept and not exploited.  Humans need to stop viewing themselves as the top of food chain as well as viewing all of the earth’s organisms merely as resources. We tend to think too highly of ourselves in accordance with the rest of the world. In reality though, the rest of the world would flourish without human impact, thus we need the environment more than it needs us. It is difficult though to convince all other humans to hold an earth wisdom worldview. They believe this view as too extreme and tend to lean more tends as anthropocentric view. This anthropocentric view, however, will be our downfall. The environment can only restore itself to a certain extent, and it has not been able to restore itself because of our exponential level of pollution and exploitation. But in order for people to care about their impact, they have to be educated about environmental issues. The reason why I hold environmental wisdom worldview is because I am aware. Not just because of the classes I took but because it has always been instilled in me to be environmentally conscious of our actions. Therefore, the best solution for having others view the environment with an earth wisdom worldview is to have environmental education be a societal norm. As more and more humans become informed they will in turn start to regard the environment with respect and shape policies in order to regulate our impact.

About dripley91

Senior at Fordham University. Environmental Policy Major and Sustainable Business Minor
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